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Nosey, Hairy Neighbor

Anton just moved in to the new neighborhood. He was welcomed by the hairy and nosey neighbor Cathy. She just welcomed herself and sat on the couch and watched TV and felt right at home.  She showed her pantyless pussy and Anton saw a fetish he has and that is hairy pussies. Cathy was more than welcoming when she opened up her legs for him for the warmest neighbor hospitality.

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Sex Oil Change

Hairy Sonya had her car oil changed. She was wondering if she can get it free from Mike the mechanic. So she started to do some nasty things see is she is going to catch Mike’s attention. When she showed her bush that gave Mike a big fat boner. After that, not only was the car changed oil but Mike’s  engine was also changed oil.

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Hay Bushy Pussy

Hot Asian bushy babe Ana delivered hay to farmer Roy. He was checking out her bush. He teased her and she impressed him back. She displayed to show her thick black bush. He licked that beaver and she sucked his cock. Before they knew it that cock was deep in the bush cave.

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Burning Bush by the Fireplace

Hot babe Kylie  has a fiery red bush in her crutch. It was one cold night that she decided to call a fuckmate and invited him for a fuck. The dude challenged her to sit on his face with all of her red bush glory. She took the challenge. Kylie fiery red bush was really on fire by the fireplace.

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Wanna Ride My Bush?

Jessica was hanging out with me. So, I showed her my big bike. She then showed me her hot bush. She asked me, “wanna ride my bush, here is the key to my bush…” she showed me a key wrapped around her waste. I replied, “no this is the key to your bush…” I put my tongue out and started to lick her bush. I licked it til pussy juice flowed she returned the complement. After that we both rode the way to kingdom cum.

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Hot Bush Air Vents

Melanie is one hot blonde babe with big tits and ass. Jeremy never knew that she was hairy pussy babe until one hot day she wore these panties with a slit right smack in the middle of her hot bush. Jeremy immediately went on his knees and touched the curlies and before he knew it he was snackin her hot bush.

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Two Ball Billiards

Neil and Sophie are playing two-ball billiard game. Everytime one gets to sink in a ball the opponent loses one piece of clothing. Who ever is stripped naked at the end of the game either gets to sink his balls or have his balls sucked. Neil obviously, won single handed and had his balls really sucked and gets to sink his balls in a hairy hole and it’s not the billiard table hole.


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Hairy Cowgirl Got Rodeo Fucked

Cowgirl with a beaver bush Belinda got the ride of her life when visiting cowboy with a big cock arrived at the ranch. She welcomed him with a display of her hot bush. The cowboy did not back off the challenge. An exchange of hot cunnilingus sessions rode by until the finale of rodeo riding cowboy finished them down with a yo de le hi hoo orgasm.

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Car Wash to Bush Wash

Megan wanted to have her car wash. She was surprised that the service also included bush washed with cum. So, she showed her thick hairy bush and had it washed with saliva and cum. Her hairy pussy was licked and chewed until she screamed with pleasure.  The best part was fucking her hot bush, and that was a a lot bush to fuck until it was washed with pure white cum.

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A Taste of the Eastern Hair

Hairy Eastern Babe Sahara showed what hair pies from the East is like. She displays and combs  her shorts and curlies and proves how hot hairy babes from the East. She suck on her partner’s dick and bury the hard cock into her cave of wonders. She rides on her partner until she gets what she wants a sticky white cum over her black hair pie.

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