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Hairy Cowgirl Got Rodeo Fucked

Cowgirl with a beaver bush Belinda got the ride of her life when visiting cowboy with a big cock arrived at the ranch. She welcomed him with a display of her hot bush. The cowboy did not back off the challenge. An exchange of hot cunnilingus sessions rode by until the finale of rodeo riding cowboy finished them down with a yo de le hi hoo orgasm.

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Car Wash to Bush Wash

Megan wanted to have her car wash. She was surprised that the service also included bush washed with cum. So, she showed her thick hairy bush and had it washed with saliva and cum. Her hairy pussy was licked and chewed until she screamed with pleasure.  The best part was fucking her hot bush, and that was a a lot bush to fuck until it was washed with pure white cum.

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A Taste of the Eastern Hair

Hairy Eastern Babe Sahara showed what hair pies from the East is like. She displays and combs  her shorts and curlies and proves how hot hairy babes from the East. She suck on her partner’s dick and bury the hard cock into her cave of wonders. She rides on her partner until she gets what she wants a sticky white cum over her black hair pie.

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Hot French Fries

Francine was a hot French girl. She has the perfect set of boobies, a great body, a fiery mound of french hair at the bottom and topped with french accent Je ne parle pas anglais. Oh that gives me the hardest boner. So, I immediately tasted her mound of french fries and tasted the best of Paris. Her hair so soft and sweet you will love to chew on it. And when you fuck her she screams in French invectives that makes me go wild! Baiser! Baiser!

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Fuck in the Park

Not all the colors of the bushes and the grasses in the park are green. One is black and this bush belongs to bushy Belinda the horny park ranger. One day while walking in the park this lucky dude found bushy Belinda in the park bench with her mound of hairy cave wet and ready for some action. Hairy bitches are the most horny and would do anything to have their bushes get wet with cum.

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Chestnut Forest Fucked

Melinda is a chestnut colored hair babe with a bush down there with the same color. Her biker partner just loves to lick and pull that forest  fire with his head buried deep in her crutch. He buries his snake deep in the forest of love. They fucked like there was no cumming tomorrow. Hairy pussies really rock.

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Hairy Asian Pearl

This horny Asian amateur has buried her pearl treasure in black, short and curlies. Which gave  Sean a southern gentleman a hard cock. Especially, when the Asian slut sucked his cock. His cock decided to dive for the pearl but instead pearly white cum spritzed all over the black hairy cunt.

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Toilet Trained

Hairy pussy Fannie is toilet trained. She wanted to tease Ed so she left the bathroom door open. Displayed her wet garden pussy. She went ballistics when Ed inserted his finger into her wet pussy. She returned the favor by sucking his cock still sitting on the toilet. She got her reward when Ed went all the way to with the toilet queen.

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Thicker than the Amazon Forest

Dan never thought he would see something as classic as the car he is interested to buy when he responded to an ad to view the car. The  car owner had a bush thicker as the Amazon Forest a classic pussy never known a razor or bikini wax before. But that bush turned him on and fucked the hairy lady to oblivion on top of the classic car.

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Ball Game Got Bushy

I made a bet with this blonde bushy chic that if i beat her over a game of pool will get to eat her hairy pussy and fuck her senseless. I let her do the break but when she missed and it was my turn I was in a hurry to sink all those billiard balls and bury my own in her bush.

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